Brush Pens Set Review

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Brush Pens Set Review

I have been dabbling in the coloring world lately and have been looking for different mediums to try. I tried out these brush markers and had a neutral experience. I love the vibrant look of these markers they have nice bold colors. The brush applicator is different and would be awesome for those who love to paint or are used to a brush style. I however am new to it and have not decided yet if I like them or not. I think my hardest part of deciding if these were the markers for me were that I had a trouble blending my colors. Now I am not talking down these markers because I did like the result on the paper however this may be more me not knowing how to blend well with markers. I have been using pencils and they blend nice however love how markers make that bold color. So with these I am torn in the middle. One of the cool things that I found about these markers though that peaked my interest was that it says they are refillable, however I have not been able to find out where you purchase the refill ink. I do love the packaging that these markers are in as they are stored nicely. I like that the caps are clear giving me the ability to see the color and the condition of the brush tip right away. One thing I did notice was, and again keep in mind it may be just the user, is that it left marker ink on my hands. The good thing is though that the marker was not hard to wash off. I started to color with these markers with an image that was more in-depth and intricate lines but noticed I could not control the marker well enough to not go outside the lines. I do like and love the image that I colored below though. This is where my torn in the middle feeling comes. I know they can produce good solid vibrant colored results but wish I knew how to use them better and blend. It would be cool if the company offered tips and tricks on how to use them. I did not see any when I went to the website but who knows that may come in the future. I was given these markers as a gift or at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest opinion. So overall I am neutral on how I feel about these markers.

Here is a photo that I colored with these markers:

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  • Brush Pens Set ReviewFLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE – Soft real brush tip allows for broad and fine strokes, guaranteeing precision
  • PERFECT FOR – Coloring books, doodling, comics & manga illustration and much more!
  • HIGH QUALITY – Long lasting professional standard brush pens designed for perfection
  • WATERCOLOR EFFECT – Dab a plain brush into water, and use on your page to thin out the ink and create a watercolor effect
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so contact us if you have any issues or are unhappy with the product and we will guarantee a resolution


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I was given these markers as a gift or at a reduced price in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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