About US

ChristyHi, my name is Christina I started doing product reviews starting late 2010 and have spread the word on many products and companies so far.  My blog contains information about some of the products I have tested, coupon links, recipes, crafts, and sometimes giveaways. I believe that my site Christy’s Reviews and more along with my other social networks is the perfect place to feature new and established products because my readers like exciting products and they love giveaways. They are always anxious to hear about new products and what I think about them.

I am a single mom of 2 children one boy and one girl, and an aunt and great auntie to some of the younger family members. Not only do I have the 2 children and nieces and nephews ranging from 1-20 but always have house full of kids around the neighborhood hanging out playing games and doing other activities together. There are 3 dogs  Billy, Izzy,and Ozzy along with a cat Stubs as well.

We love trying out new products and sharing them with you our readers. I am compleatly into technology and arts & crafts. I would have to say those are my two biggest passions. I have an associates degree in Graphic Design/ Multimedia, still expanding my knowledge in that area, and have been in the customer service/technical support field for the last 15 years. I love digging into new things and learning the ins and outs of the products so I can get a true understanding of what they are really like.

What I asking for when I am asked to do a review is a full size product so that I can give an honest review to my readers, friends, and family. This sample can not be returned. When the review is posted I will include many links back to your site and social media outlets. My readers love giveaways as well and everyone wants to be a winner! I will post your giveaway free of charge, if you would be kind to let me hold one for you, and will send you the winner’s address immediately. You the sponsor are responsible for shipping the product in a timely manner.

If you would like to know any more about us just ask. Fill out the contact form  or stop on one of our social media outlets and we would be glad to chat.


As always have a wonderful day.