#AmazaPens Review

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#AmazaPens Review

Today I have theĀ #AmazaPens Review which I will be talking about. I was given these pens as a gift or at a discount price in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I can honestly say that finding a good gel pen is a hard task at hand. I have like 3-4 different brands at home but these pens are awesome. The ink flow was great I did not have to tap the top to get the ink to start flowing it was just natural. The only downfall of the ink-flow so good is it seems like I used my pen ink up real fast. These are pens that I would invest in again. I really liked them. I did notice that the way you store them is very important. I suggest that you store them laying flat on the side of the container rather then up and down. Now the reason that I suggest this because if you store them point end down or bottom end down they can push the flow of the ink and could potentially cause the ink to bleed out of the pen and leave you with a nice ink blotch in your container. I noticed that did happen to my black gel pen which was a real sad moment. I would still rate these pens very high up there because so far they have been the best gel pens I have found that deliver a consistent flow of ink.

#AmazaPens Review

Product description:

  • LONGER LASTING! We know you are tired of your pens drying out just as you’re in the middle of a project. AmazaPens have 40% extra ink than most gel pens so they LAST LONGER and won’t run out just as you’re getting inspired!
  • GREAT VARIETY! 30 premium colored pens include Glitter, Metallic, Flouro Glitter and Classic colors carefully chosen to provide a wide array of options. Non Toxic and Acid Free. Silky smooth application with easy flowing tip. Perfect for handcrafted gift cards, invitations, zentangle or simply give the kids some paper and kick back while they color!
  • COMFORT – Soft rubber grip feels great to hold and will let you draw, write, journal or just scribble for hours on end! Use these with your planner, diary or calendar to color code your activities & appointments to simplify your life!
  • FANTASTIC VALUE – Glitter & Flouro have 1mm ballpoint tips, Metallic and Pastel have 0.8mm tips & Classic have 0.6mm (fine) tips. Great for Mind Mapping, Writing, Adult Coloring books (Secret Garden or Enchanted Forest perhaps), scrapbooking and all other artistic creations! Use along side your coloring pencils, markers, fineliners, chalks and paints.
  • HANDY STORAGE CASE – This 30 pack comes in a durable hard plastic shell storage case that fits easily into a handbag, school bag or back pack. Keep your pens organized and easy to find. GET CREATIVE! Buy an extra as a gift today.

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I have received this product as a gift or for a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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