Baby Sling Carrier Review CozitotBabySlingCarrier

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Baby Sling Carrier Review CozitotBabySlingCarrier

I was given the Baby Sling Carrier Review CozitotBabySlingCarrier  as a gift or reduced price in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. So we are into baby season. I have been seeing a lot of people with new babies or even pregnant. I personally was excited to review this as guess who is  going to be a grandma? You didn’t hear that wrong that right, I will be blessed with a grandchild by the end of the year.

Baby Sling Carrier Review CozitotBabySlingCarrierWhat really drew my eye to this carrier is the extreme detail that was put into the embroidery design. I also loved the color combos that were used when creating the eye catching fashion statement. When I was younger and just had my children there wasn’t any think this advertised. It sure would have come in handy for being hands free as being a mom keeps you always doing more then one thing at a time.

I did find this kind of different to use however after a few attempts of trying it on I started to get the hang of things. I think personally I would prefer to wear the carrier with the baby in the front rather than on my back but then again I have short arms. The reason I say my short arms would make things a little more difficult would be that I am not coordinated enough to hold the carrier and baby and still get it tied security. I do wish that in the instructions that there would be information on how to actually tie a square knot as well, to be honest I could not remember what type of knot is what. So if you are interested in knowing I would defiantly consider doing research on different types of knots that are secure, as you do not want your baby to fall out of the carrier. I did like how there was extra padding on the straps near the shoulder to help keep comfort while your carrying your baby. I also liked that it has that extra support to help stabilize the neck of your baby and give them a little cushion to rest upon.

Overall this is a great idea for new parents or even ones who are having a new baby. I do wish I would have had a handy tool like this when my children were still that young. Make sure you watch the video below and feel free to comment. Thanks for visiting our page.

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I received this product at a discount in exchange or free for my honest and unbiased review.

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