Mood Enhancing Mandalas Vol 2 Review

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My Masterpiece Adult Mood Enhancing Mandalas Vol 2 Review

As part of a promo campaign I was given a copy of My Masterpiece Mood Enhancing Mandalas Vol 2 for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. I thought I loved the first book well guess this one is just as great. I did see more bold lines in this book than the other but just as many cool designs. With this book there were yet another 50 mandalas to color. I will be busy coloring for awhile now huh?

Again in this book no perforated edges however still plenty of room from the binding and the image. Lots of fun images to choose from again one sided pages. Slick cover on the outside. In the video attached you will see how a few different mediums effect the paper so please check the video out below. I used one page as a test page and was kind of just playing around to see what worked best with the paper and the images. I do like how the black lines did not bleed threw to my coloring as I have bought some books were the outline of the design jut smudged. To hear more about my new exiting book check out the YouTube video below.


Mood Enhancing Mandalas Vol 2

My Masterpiece™ brings you another 50 delightful Mandalas in volume 2 of the “Mood Enhancing Mandalas series.” We’ve included a nice balance of illustrations, ranging from simple, to very detailed. Get ready to be whisked away from the world of busyness and stress to that restful place where you can relax, unwind and have some fun.

We provide the creative framework and you provide the artistic imagination, using your favorite coloring implements and colors to create your own “Masterpiece”.

Each illustration is on its own page so you won’t experience bleed-through with colored pencils or gel pens. If you use markers, it is recommended that you place an additional piece of paper behind the illustration you are working on to help protect the next illustration.

We hope you enjoy coloring these wonderful illustrations and creating your very own “My Masterpiece”.

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