Pekoe Tree Glass Tea Tumbler Review

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Today I am going to share with you the Pekoe Tree tea Tumbler, I got this for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I love tea and have recently started trying to infuse water so was very excited to try this. I was at my local Hy-vee store a few weeks ago and saw some fresh tea leaves so I picked up some Spice Chai Tea and Spearmint leaves. I am a big Chai Tea lover however my son is a mint fan so I decided to get both to try them out. As you can see in the photos below I have the Chai Tea in the basket. I learned the hard way and put way to much in there. My tea was so strong that I had to dilute it.

Now for some time my son has been bugging me to get some mint leaves as he wanted to try to infuse his water too as he loves mint anything. He has used this the one time and since then I can not seem to get it back from him. I actually had to steal it from him to do the video. He really likes the design of the bottle as so do I as it has a cute design and I love the bottle. You don’t taste any plastic or tin from a bottle or can like you normally would, the glass gives you all the full flavor of whatever you are trying to infuse.

I have tried other things before to do loose tea or even his mint leaves and unfortunately the holes in the standard tea ball were to big and left little particles floating in the bottle, which he did not like at all nor do I. I like how this basket keeps the leaves from getting into the water itself.

When I first got this bottle I was really sad as the post office had damaged my package which delayed me from actually getting to try this bottle out. I was pretty upset so I immediately contacted the company and they were great to work with. Once I explained to them what had happened they worked with me and shipped out a replacement right away. The company works quick and follows up with you to ensure that everything about your purchase was a good experience. To me they are making sure that the needs of the customer are met and that you are a satisfied customer. This is the kind of company that I like to do business with.

If you are looking for a new drinking bottle or infuser this is one you should check out. This would make a great addition to your weight loss plan as well as infusing water is much healthier than juices or sodas.

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