Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea Review #CollectTeables

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Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea Review #CollectTeables

Today I will be taking to you about the the Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea Review #CollectTeables. I was given these teas as a gift in exchange for my unbiased opinion of the product. These teas are actually part of a collectible series that will be available in the future. I am a tea lover and enjoy tea very much. The website below on the bottom of the page will have more information on the kick starter event about this product. So each month a new tea will come out with a cute graphical image on it but the part that intrigues me the most is that they have developed a book that can store your tea in. The book holds at least 144 tea bags and is light weight. The nice part about it is that it will help you organize your teas. I know at the moment I have a drawer that has a mess of tea bags just thrown in there without any kind of order. 

In the video below I will talk about the two different types of teas that were sent to me and what I personally thought of each one of them. If you are a tea drinker this might be something worth taking a look into or even backing up the kick starter campaign if you like it enough. So please I urge you to view the video to find out about these cool teas.

So what are  Collect Teables??? (From the website)

Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea Review #CollectTeablesCollect Teables are teas as fun as The TeaBook — an exclusive line of fine teas stored inside artistically drawn limited run tea foils.

Collect Teables are available individually or as a subscription service.  For $99, you will receive 40 teas of two new Collect Teables designs every month for six months.

What designs will future party packs hold?  Musicians, philosophers, politicians, animals. You name it. Each series will be drawn by different artists in their unique style.Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea Review #CollectTeables

All Collect Teables teas are Certfieid Organic by OCTO, and Certfied Kosher by KSA.

Our manufacturer has agreed to permanently move the manufacturing process for The TeaBook to the United States if we can get 150,000 pledges for The TeaBook.

This means higher costs for us, but new manufacturing jobs in the United States and better environmental and labor protections.


For more information visit:


I have received this product as a gift or for a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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