Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Review

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I was given this size 11 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I have heard good things about Tungsten rings so was very excited to get this. When I got the ring I was surprised how smooth it was on the inside, it made me wish my fingers were big enough to wear it. 🙂 I get asked every day since I got this in the mail do I get my ring yet? He is very excited to get to finally keep it and wear it. I love the masculinity of this ring and the matte type strip down the center. It reminds me of cars in a way. I grew up around a dad that was always in the garage and it just reminds me of car parts and nuts and bolts, of course not as rough though.

4123X4sWeLL._SL1600_Now me being a woman and liking things presented to me in a pretty fashion was kind of thrown back on how this one was sent. It was a little small bag with the ring in it. I would think that they would want it to be protected better in shipping and have a nice presentation to the customer. A small black velvet bag or even a black box with it would have made the presentation aspect of it better.

I however can not complain as for the price that this sells for you are getting a good deal. My ring had a price sticker on it at $199.99 but is being sold for $29.99 tell me that’s not a good deal. The sizes available for sale surprised me at the range that they carried of course some sizes sell out faster then others so you might have to keep checking if your size is not there.

Durable and masculine but yet pretty all at the same time. If you are looking for a ring to give to your special man check out Odyssey Rings 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring.

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